Large Scale Paintings
If I have my way, I prefer painting large and directly onto an architectural surface.  I enjoy making a wall come alive and knowing that the painting elevates its surroundings making it a more sacred space to inhabit.
  1. Alpine Wellness Mural
    Alpine Wellness Mural
    This mural makes visible the health and vitality behind the wall in the Wellness Center. This mural is part of a lobby in Cherry Creek North in Denver and is visible to those passing by.
  2. Faraway Lands Flow into the Plains
    Faraway Lands Flow into the Plains
    This working shot shows me working on part of a mural in the Old Market in Omaha. The Rocky Mountains meet the Midwest Plains in the painting. The building is for sale again, so who knows what will become of this "Great Wall".
  3. Wisp Creek Mural
    Wisp Creek Mural
    The walls become windows to what lies on the other side in this mural that wraps around four walls of this Great Room. I love the effect of bringing nature inside an architectural space. It certainly creates a trompe l'oile effect.
  4. Brookwood Entry Mural
    Brookwood Entry Mural
    This mural embellishes the entrance to a community center in Santa Rosa, CA. Grape vines and redwoods are represented to blend with the center's surroundings.